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MognettiBike: the bike shop with “Bikemania”!


Our enthusiasm for bicycle components and for cycling was not born by chance. We know what does it mean if you take a dirt road: in combination with fatigue, you feel happy because you have met people who share every effort at every pedal stroke to reach the summit together. It is the same enthusiasm that inspires us every time, when we assemble a wheel, or we talk about “bike world” with our suppliers, or instead when we listen to the adventures of who travels by bike. It is the same enthusiasm that, everyday, with experience and proficiency, let us to show the best dynamo hubs, or the best lamps to light up your way by bike, or instead the most durable and spacious bags to take everything always close to you. We are a little shop, but we have got “Bikemania” for passion. Choose your next traveling friends between: bikes, accessories, wheels and much more!


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