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When the desire to be outdoors is triggered, bicycles become our favorite travel companions, in all their possible variations.

There is the Dutch city bike, the favorite of women, who can get in the saddle in comfort and even with the skirt. Use it to move around the city, go to work or run small errands, because they often have a practical basket and can be equipped with an additional bike rack.

If the city bike is not in your strings, maybe you have a more adventurous spirit and so what's better than a mountain bike or a trekking bike? Sporty, snappy and well equipped, they can accompany you on your bike trips, especially if you are a cycling enthusiast just like us. Mountain bikes have a rougher soul, while trekking bikes are more versatile, the choice is yours!

Did you know that the passion for bikes should be nurtured at an early age? In the bicycle shop Mognetti Bike you will find various models of kid's bikes, from the smallest ones without pedals to those that are so reminiscent of the bikes of the big ones that the little ones love. Children's bikes are a great way to convey the love of outdoor activities and the world of cycling.

Browsing through the various sections of the online bike shop you can find city bikes on offer, discounts and many opportunities, even on e-bike technology. Our e-bikes stand out for their Italian design and are all signed by Lombardo!


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10 Item(s)