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Mountain Bikes

If you are a cyclist with a passion for off-road trails, you cannot do without a mountain bike, sturdy and easy to handle, which is able to absorb the roughness of the terrain.

Why choose a mountain bike? For their rude spirit that makes them suitable for rough and impact-resistant paths with the ground, so as to allow you to push yourself far beyond the limits of the asphalt.

There are many cyclists who like to use mtb bikes also for cycle tourism, maybe equipped with bike bags and bike racks. The more traditionalists will instead focus on a trekking bike, which represents a valid alternative to face long distances in comfort.

When you have to choose a mountain bike, prices are just one of the variables to consider, because even the brand can make a difference, especially if you choose a Lombardo mountain bike, which has always been synonymous with quality and all-Italian excellence.

Now you can also buy your mtb online! Explore the models available in the Mognetti Bike store and immediately begin to tackle the off-road routes you like best.

Mountain Bikes

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