Bike computer BV-Wo3

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Bikecomputer XLC BV-W03 white, wireless, altimeter, calories, cadence sensor

XLC Bike computerr BV-W03 

Among other things,this computer stands out by its tread frequency function. In this XLC computer, the data transmission is cableless, on 2.4 GH-base, which affords a reliable data transmission. Thanks to the large display, all relevant data are clearly visualised. Special highlights: tread frequency function, calories counting, background lighting.

Altimeter Bicycle computer with this icon are equipped with a barometric altimeter. A barometric altimetry takes place via the prevailing atmospheric pressure at the measuring point. In contrast to other methods it is less accurate, but very fast responsive and with a little weight.

Calories Bicycle computer with this icon indicate the calorie consumption. This is an average value calculated by the computer. To determine the exact value a specialist should be consulted.

Cadence sensor Bicycle computer with this icon are equipped with a cadence function. The cadence in cycling means the number of crank rotations per minute. The cadence is measured with a sensor by a bicycle computer that is mounted to the chain stay ,and is triggered by a magnet on the crank.

Clock Bicycle computers with this icon are equipped with a digital clock function.

Wireless Bicycle computer with this icon require no cable between the sensors on fork or crank and the computer on the handlebar. The data is transmitted wirelessly, annoying cable laying is not applicable.

  • cableless
  • Features: cableless 2.4 GHz
  • time: 12h/24h mode
  • ridng time
  • speed
  • average speed
  • maximum speed, kilometres per day
  • odometer (wheel 1 + wheel 2)
  • odometer (wheel 1 or wheel 2)
  • comparison of speed and average speed (arrow symbols)
  • calories counter
  • background lighting
  • tread frequency
  • average tread frequency
  • 2 adjustable tyre diameter
  • maximum tread frequency
  • daily tread frequency
  • scanning mode
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