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Bike sportswear

What would your bike rides be like without the right bike sportswear? Those who practice this sport for a long time know well that the weather conditions can change quickly and it is good to always keep a rain cover and other accessories in the bike bags.

The needs change according to the different seasons, but what remains the same is the importance of being prepared, especially when we have to undertake bike trips of a certain duration.

In summer bike sportswear, a reflective vest cannot be missing, to remain always visible during the summer outings that we allow ourselves early in the morning and late at night. Since the wind sometimes does not forgive even during the summer, we cannot do without bike jackets.

In the Mognetti Bike shop you will find the summer cycling jackets in versions for men and women. The featherweight and very small footprint allow you to store them comfortably in the handlebar bags, so you always have them at hand.

Winter bike sportswear includes leg warmers, hats and gloves, essential accessories to protect you from the cold when riding your bike.

When it rains, cycling overshoes and raincover accessories, such as jackets, trousers and waterproof gloves, are indispensable in any season.

And you? Are you prepared to face the whims of the seasons even riding your bike?

Bike sportswear


24 Item(s)


24 Item(s)