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Hub Dynamo

The bicycle hub dynamo is the ideal solution to power the dynamo bike lights and charge all electronic devices, such as cycle computers, GPS charger and smartphone.

With the modern bicycle dynamo, even at low speeds, all the energy needed to turn on the LED lights for bikes is produced. During the pedaling there is no minimum friction and the speed does not slow down.

The dynamo at the hub for bicycles is in fact the accessory for those in search of high-level performance, is passionate about cycle tourism and travels long distances.

When you start an adventure on a bike, it is not possible to know what unforeseen events will be encountered, whether rain or fog will come and if visibility on the road will be reduced slowly. With the dynamo for bikes you face every difficulty with the certainty that you will never remain dark and you will be clearly visible to your traveling companions and motorists.

Our history with the hub dynamo began back in 2007 and seems like yesterday. We have experienced firsthand what problems and what risks are being taken by entrusting safety and preparation to mediocre products.

In the end we always managed to finish the randonnées, but with difficulty, apprehension and the fear of being without lighting at night, with the traffic running fast and the sometimes dense and sometimes light rain that never left us.

We put new batteries in the lamps and after a couple of hours they were already empty. We also kept the phone switched off to save the battery and be able to use it in an emergency. On those nights we swore not to venture into similar circumstances without a dynamo hub.

Only with the bicycle dynamo you don't need to stop to change the batteries and you don't run unnecessary risks. If you want to have the maximum in terms of reliability and performance, you must rely on a Son dynamo hub. These excellent bike dynamos are the most loved and used by randonneurs around the world and are produced in Germany by Schmidt's Nabendynamo, the best hub dynamo manufacturer.

Explore the various solutions available for your bike, such as the thru-axle dynamo hub and the high-performance dynamo hub son 28. Your bike adventures will never be the same!

Hub Dynamo


23 Item(s)


23 Item(s)