Bush + Muller E-Werk Mobile Electricity Power Supply - Black

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E-Werk - High output, hub dynamo powered universal power supply and charging unit


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E-Werk - High output, hub dynamo powered universal power supply and charging unit

  • Connected to the hub dynamo, the "bike mobile" E-WERK provides electric energy for a multitude of applications
  • Voltage (up to 13.3 V) and current (up to 1.5 A) are set in small increments so that all mobile phones, GPS, radios etc. can be powered or batteries charged while cycling, without unwantedly high currents or voltages causing damage to connected devices
  • Negligible idle losses (only 0.03 W at 30km/h)
  • Connection via cables with USB socket, with mini USB plug, with micro USB plug, or two cables that can be custom-tailored
  • Quick and secure mounting with o-rings or cable straps
  • The ideal accessory is the Universal Cockpit Adapter that can hold devices powered by E-WERK and keeps them on the handlebar.
  • Another optional item is a buffer battery, which provides a stable 5V charging voltage.
  • Weight: ca. 53 g (w/out accessoires

For all those who do not want to go cycling without their mobile phones, GPS, MP3 players and other electronic devices and do not have access to a stationary charging station comes the "bike mobile" E-WERK. If the compact device is connected to the hub dynamo, the electricity generated by the cyclist's muscle power does not have to be used by only the lighting fixtures but can alternatively be processed by E-WERK. The energy is given off via two included connection cables that tinkerers can equip with plugs suited to their individual applications.
Alternatively, the user employs an also included USB cable - the standard connection par excellence that offers compatibility with a wide range of devices - making sure that his electronic equipment does not run out of power while he is on the way. A small stylus that is housed at the bottom of E-WERK is used for adjusting two turning knobs controlling voltage (2.8 to 13.3 V) and current (0.1 to 1,5 A) quickly and variably for all the usual applications.


E-WERK provides power of up to 16 W, and all that with idle losses of only 0.03 W at 30 km/h! At a speed of 15 km/h, E-WERK already charges as fast as a standard mains connected charger. An extension cable offers the possibility to tap into E-WERK's energy supply at virtually every spot on the bike. Cable screw connections keep the all links securely water tight. In order to mount the "miniature powerhouse" on the bicycle frame, three differently sized o-rings and cable straps are included. By the way: Also available is the Universal Cockpit Adapter, the ideal accessory for E-WERK, because this adapter makes it possible to keep all connected devices safely on the handlebar directly in the cyclist's field of vision.



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