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Bike shop in Franciacorta

  • The hardest bike race ever

    The toughest bike race everNowadays, we are familiar with high-performance bikes, technology and comfortable tracks designed for the enjoyment of cyclists. All these comforts once did not exist and some historical periods have been very difficult for bike lovers.

    The record is undoubtedly due to the toughest bike race ever, disputed in the first post-war period in those territories that were just a battlefield a short time before.

    So let's go back in time and try to recreate the same emotions (and difficulties) of the brave cyclists who ventured into this epic challenge. If the Paris Brest randonnée seems challenging to you, look at what the participants of the Battlefields Circuit  have had to face... Continue reading

  • Bike tour in Franciacorta

    Bike tour in FranciacortaTake three friends, who cannot be called cyclists, as they are not the type of cyclists, but who love life, being together in loyalty, the beauty of nature, the good food and a sincere and not superficial conversation.

    Take the favorable weather of this October 3, 2019, which was sunny, cool and with a slight breeze not bad at all.

    Consider that there is the Oglio park right there, or rather a few pedal away, which invites us to cross it and here is the formula for a really beautiful and fulfilling day. Continue reading

  • Bicycle itineraries on Lake Garda: Risorgive cycle path

    Bicycle itineraries on Lake GardaThe most beautiful bike tours are those experienced with friends of all time, stainless and irreplaceable companions of adventure.

    In the shop, people often ask me for advice on bike tours on Lake Garda, but rather than just provide a route, this time I have the pleasure of sharing a real travel story.

    With me in this adventure on the Risorgive cycle path, two old friends, Gianni and Domenico.

    This short story was written by one of them, Gianni, who was able to express in an excellent way the emotions and the fun that we shared. Enjoy the reading! Continue reading

  • Specific training to improve your climbs

    Training to improve your climbsAs one of the most popular challenges for cyclists, the climb deserves a place of honour. Mountain and sloping routes are a test ground that allows us to question and overcome our limits.

    But what is the best specific training for improving on the climbs? Someone will probably think immediately about repeats, but let's be honest...

    Facing a climb is not just a matter of legs and athletic preparation. The mind also plays a fundamental role!

    Understanding how to dose your energy and what rhythm to follow will be very important. Here are some tips for training your body and mind in view of the climbs. Continue reading

  • How to transport kids on bikes

    Transport kids on bikesIt's a joy for cycling enthusiasts to share their love of the sport with their children from an early age.

    To transport kids on bikes you need to take some very important steps for their safety.

    There's no shortage of solutions and depending on the age and type of use, you can choose to use baby carriers, classic seats or trailers.

    Let's see then which are the best devices for transporting children by bike. Even when it is not yet time for a bike of their own, it's never too early to make them fall in love with this sport. Continue reading

  • Cycle tourism: how to get started

    Cycle tourismAre you approaching the world of cycle tourism for the first time and don't know where to start? Don't panic, I can tell you that you are not the only one!

    Perhaps the idea of a bike trip makes you think that you will need many accessories, a high-performance bike and maybe even be well trained.

    Actually, getting started is much easier than you think! You're not getting ready for the Tour de France, but this is only your first bike trip.

    Prepare your bike well, bring only the essentials and plan a route not too demanding. What else? Let go of all your worries and have fun! Continue reading

  • Rohloff Speedhub for long distances

    Rohloff SpeedhubEvery cyclist who has experienced it has no doubt: the Rohloff Speedhub is a masterpiece of engineering!

    Until now, we don't know of any transmissions that can compete with the performance of this German hub gear. Fast, intuitive and maintenance-free, it is the dream of every cyclist who ventures long distances.

    Do you know the problems of hub gears that snap, gears that jump or that do not fit smoothly? You can leave it all behind with a Rohloff Speedhub 500/14!

    So let's find out how it works and why it's so popular with cyclists all over the world. Continue reading

  • Buy bike online or instore?

    Bike online or instoreBuying a new bike is an important moment for every cyclist. If you have a passion for cycling in your veins, it's likely that you've felt it too.

    This is not just about buying an object, but about choosing an adventure companion to enjoy moments of relaxation, adrenaline, fatigue and satisfaction.

    Is it better to buy a bike online or instore? The answer to this question is... it depends! In both cases, there are pros and cons, so it's worth finding out what they are before you buy. Continue reading

  • Lights and bikes: how to orient the light beam

    Lights and bikesThere was a time when cycling in the dark was dangerous, because the technology of lights and bikes did not allow for good visibility.

    Today the situation has improved dramatically and cyclists who venture out on the road early in the morning or at sunset no longer have reason to fear for their safety.

    By now, all cycling enthusiasts only travel with powerful bike lights, which ensure that they can see the road and all possible obstacles, but at the same time that they are visible to other road users.

    In these conditions, the only real danger is to have a wrongly oriented light, which could dazzle motorists and cause accidents. That's why it's so important to orient the bike's light beam well. Let's find out how to adjust the light beam so as not to create any danger. Continue reading

  • Trekking bike: how to choose the best one

    Trekking bike

    You have decided to buy a trekking bike, but do you need some advice to choose the model that best suits you? Then you're in the right place!

    This is undoubtedly a very versatile type of bike: it is suitable for off-road routes, but at the same time it offers the comfort necessary to face long distances.

    It's no wonder that trekking bikes are among the most popular. To get what you are looking for from your bike, you have to choose it the right way, so here are some suggestions that might come in handy. Continue reading

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